Is it time to switch to QR Menus?


QR Menus: What are they & why you should be using them?

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The world has gone through a really bad time due to the advent of the pandemic in the past couple of years. Though things are somewhat better now, we hope that things keep improving.

The circumstances have changed how people engage with their daily activities. These behavioral & social changes made industries create & follow certain restrictions and adapt to new rules.

This is what brings us to the topic of using QR menus for your restaurant.

Despite the fact that restaurant owners could be wary of adopting QR code menus due to aesthetics but, there are various benefits apart from just having a contactless menu.

Benefits of using QR code for restaurant menus.

Save a ton on printing costs

In many restaurants, the menu changes regularly. Updating a printed menu when introducing a new item, selling out of an item or updating current items, costs time and money.

However, when you opt for QR code menus, you simply print the QR on whatever surface you choose. If you have an online food ordering system, you have the option to generate QR code menu and provide your customers with updated menu list instantly.

Easily updated your menu daily

Food items at your restaurant run out all the time, we understand. This causes major friction between customers & servers.

With a QR menu, you can easily update the available items so your customers are only able to view what’s available in your kitchen.

Better menu design

QR menus are built with smooth user experience in mind and for customizability, which means you can make the most popular items stand out, increase order value and optimize conversion rates.

Attract them with food images

Print menus have limited space which is often the reason why there are no pictures of the food. But we all know that customers decide with their eyes. A great photo of your succulent burger will catch people’s attention and entice them to order. With a digital menu you can include as many images you want, with no limitations.

Build brand awareness on social media

You can share your menu on all your social media accounts. Placing your menu on your social accounts, listings, and hosting sites like google maps increases your exposure. Just make sure that your images are appealing with descriptions that are easy to understand can bring in new customers and increase the amount of loyal customers.

Things to keep in mind when creating a QR menu?

Use readable fonts

When you design the menu, make sure that you use easily readable fonts. Remember, this makes life easier for you and your customer. You don’t want your customers to find it difficult to read what is written on your digital menu. Also, use minimal text – no one wants to read an article about the origin of the linguini pasta that you’re serving.

Never (and I mean NEVER) use PDF files as your menu

PDFs are slow loading and can be incompatible with certain mobile phones. Also, imagine re-working that file every-time there is a change in the menu.

Help customers with QR menus

QR code menus are trending and are used in many restaurants, cafes, bakeries and even food trucks, but some customers may still find the technology difficult. You and your staff may need to educate them about how to use these menus.


All in all, if you are a restaurant that caters to dine-in customers and still use a paper menu. Its time for a change.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our customer success team at ordable/ and get your own QR code menu for your restaurant.